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The Center For Living In Harmony
Little Creek Acres Farm
a nonprofit demonstration farm for sustainable agriculture


Little Creek Acres Farm in Valley Center, CA has enjoyed a well-deserved national reputation for having excellent product quality and beautiful on-site facilities. The Little Creek Acres Farm was developed during the eighties from virgin soil with a primary focus on growing and a plan for biodynamic diversity.

In 1993 a nonprofit educational and charitable organization, The Center For Living In Harmony, took over the farm with a change in focus to the promotion, demonstration, and research of broad-based Sustainable Agriculture and Self-Reliant, Harmonious Living. With the shift in primary focus from growing to education and the promotion of sustainable agriculture, came a new identity for Little Creek Acres Farm and a new role in the agricultural and educational communities.

Custom tours, youth and nature programs, hands-on activity tours, retreats, and educational farmstays for all ages are now the principal products of Little Creek Acres Farm.

We are here to be of service to our guests.

Whether they are farmers from other parts of the world looking at our livestock methods, children experiencing agriculture in an outdoor classroom, or inner-city senior citizens experiencing the forgotten simplicity and cleanliness of farmlife and fresh air; whether they are burned-out, stress-filled professionals rediscovering the need to heal themselves and our planet from toxicity and the erosion of stewardship values, or those in mid-life crisis looking for a supportive environment to develop personal self-reliant skills; whether they are those who have been chemically exposed and are looking for a source for clean food and eventual growing skills, or students or teachers of agronomy ~ they and this work are important to us.

As a totally volunteer-operated nonprofit organization, we strive to make an ongoing contribution to the upliftment of our planet and the quality of life of it's inhabitants. Your program participation and financial support is welcomed and appreciated. For more information about our products and services, or how you can help, please contact us at:

The Center For Living In Harmony
Little Creek Acres Farm
13802 Little Creek Lane, Valley Center, CA 92082
Phone:760-749-9634    Fax:760-749-0720
E-Mail Address: info@livinginharmony.org

All farm visits are by appointment only.
Please call ahead so we may schedule quality time with you.

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