The Center For Living In Harmony
a nonprofit educational and charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of Self-Reliant, Harmonious Living


          The Center For Living In Harmony is a nonprofit 501(c)3 educational and charitable public benefit organization dedicated to the promotion of Self-Reliant, Harmonious Living. It is our goal to make an ongoing contribution to the upliftment of mankind and to the stewardship of our planet.

          At our Little Creek Acres Demonstration Farm in the beautiful mediterranean climate of southern California, we offer people of all ages and cultures the perfect forum to experience harmony with self, with others, and with the needs of our planet through tours, demonstrations, classes, retreats and farmstays, and experiential learning opportunities in personal growth and Earth stewardship skills.

          A very diversely planted orchard including temperate and subtropical fruit trees, raised gardening beds, honey bees, dairy goats, sheep, and chickens are the backdrop for an incredible eco-educational experience and an insight into the vanishing small family farm. Here, in the peaceful environment of the foothills of Mt. Palomar, sustainable agriculture, resource conservation, and personal growth are combined in a unique way to promote Self-Reliant, Harmonious Living.

          Educational programs include farm tours and demonstrations; retreats and farmstays; short and long term experiential learning opportunities; classes and apprenticeships in sustainable soil fertility, gardening, food preparation, and animal husbandry; youth and nature programs, hands-on activity tours, and week-long Fun on the Farm! programs for youth; personal growth workshops and a reference library on Self-Reliant, Harmonious Living.

          Charitable programs include the contribution of naturally grown fruits and vegetables to the homeless and needy, self-reliant gardening classes, personal empowerment support groups, open-houses, and farm visits for underpriviledged youths and seniors.

          The Center For Living In Harmony is wholly volunteer operated. Your volunteer time and/or participation in any of the programs is invited and will help to support the goals and the work of this organization as we try to make the world a better place. Donations are much needed, greatly appreciated, and tax deductible.

The Center For Living In Harmony
Little Creek Acres Farm
13802 Little Creek Lane, Valley Center, CA 92082
Phone:760-749-9634    Fax:760-749-0720
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All farm visits are by appointment only.
Please call ahead so we may schedule quality time with you.

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